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Searching for the Truth and Writing About What Matters

Author as a young teenager

Krista Kurth, Ph.D.

 Writer, Climate Advocate, Life-Long Seeker,
 Foundation Chair/Board Member
About Me

About Me

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Early in life, I developed a wide eyed wonder for the ocean. Growing up in the Bahamas and South Pacific islands I experienced a direct connection to nature that inspired a life-long commitment to creating a just sustainable society. My whole family was actively involved with fair labor practices, economic development and conservation. Over the years we started several cottage industries and helped fund a grass roots organization that persuaded the government to create a large, protected national underwater park.


My experiences led me later to living a green lifestyle and supporting global action, via my work at Green America and four private foundations, to create a sustainable future where everyone has enough, all communities are healthy and safe, and the environment is preserved for generations to come.  

I have been a writer most of my life, although I didn't publish until later in life. I started writing poetry at fourteen and picked it back up again in the 1990's. This is when my writing also expanded to include books and articles on spirituality in business, and renewal in the workplace.


In 2018, my writing took another evolutionary turn; I began working on two memoirs. Yet, I couldn't leave my environmental advocacy completely behind. In 2019, I decided to combine my two loves in a blog: Climate Action for Everyday People. 

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