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About Me


I have spent most of my life working towards a creating a just sustainable society.

I grew up on a pristine Bahamian island where my whole family was actively involved with fair labor practices, economic development and conservation. Over the years we started several cottage industries and recently helped fund a grass roots organization that persuaded the government to create a large, protected national underwater park.


My experiences led me to be deeply committed to living a green lifestyle and supporting global action to create a sustainable future where everyone has enough, all communities are healthy and safe, and the environment is preserved for generations to come. 

I'm currently a Senior Fellow of strategy and training at Green America's Center for Sustainability Solutions (GACSS). Prior to that, I played a key role in the development and running of the Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions (GACSS) and was instrumental in launching three large Innovative Networks.


I held several other positions at Green America from 2008-2016, including Board Member, Treasurer, Senior Program Associate.  I also continue to work as a climate activist by participating on the board of four foundations that make grants to organizations working on solutions to the climate crisis. 

I have been a writer most of my life, although I didn't publish until later. I started writing poetry at fourteen and picked it back up again in the 1990's. This is when my writing also expanded to include books and articles on spirituality in business, and renewal in the workplace.


Since semi-retiring in 2018, my writing took another evolutionary turn. I began writing two memoirs. Yet, I couldn't leave my environmental advocacy behind. I decided to combine my two loves in a blog: Climate Action for Everyday People. 


I also have an extensive background in business, organization development, and psychology. Prior to joining Green America, I co-founded Renewal Resources, a consulting firm dedicated to the renewal and revitalization of individuals and organizations.


I spent a decade there focused on coaching, consulting and speaking about how to lead more renewing and productive lives at work. I designed and delivered a wide variety of training programs, as well as co-authored the book Running on Plenty at Work: Renewal Strategies for Individuals.


I wrote and consulted on emotional intelligence, regaining balance at work, enhancing leadership skills, moving through organizational transitions, and improving team communications. I was featured in the national media and spoke internationally on these topics. 

Prior to co-founding Renewal Resources, I had a private consulting practice and also held a range of other managerial and consulting positions, including one with KPMG. I taught graduate level Leadership courses at the University of Maryland University College. I received a doctorate in Organizational Development from George Washington University, and a M.B.A. and B.A. from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. 

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