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Work in Progress

Like Sea Glass: a memoir.

This memoir tells my story of becoming like sea glass. How I was tossed and tumbled in childhood, shuffling between my mother and stepfather's rustic scuba diving resort on a Bahamian Out Island and multiple schools and caregivers. Then broken by the two traumas that battered our family when I was a teenager. And finally, when I was 25, led to a spiritual path that allowed me to sort through the inner debris and brought me to the shore where I belong. 

When the Wind is Underwater: a memoir. 

This memoir tells the story of the exciting, eye-opening, scary, and dangerous voyages and ventures my three siblings and I took with my father through the Caribbean and into the South Pacific on his many sailing ships. Ultimately, it shows how I overcame my rage at him, came to terms with who he was, as a man and father, and realized how my life was shaped by his consistent courage, his amazing creativity, and his deep flaws.  

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